If it comes to me, it is the most things I hate in the world, especially when:

  • You are worry about someone you care about
  • You are hungry wanna eat
  • Feeling lonley wanna someone share your thoughts with him/her
  • You didn’t hear the ring of your mobile long times ago
  • You did an exam
  • Calling someone you care about
  • Tu as un rendez-vous

It is just a small list, but am sure if you think of it, I guess you will hate it may be more than I do….

Mars on the Amman Sky…


Mars is one of my favorite planet, I always felt there is something
attract me to it. These days Mars orbit is closer to the earth than
before and this will not happen again until 2017!!! So take a chance
and see it on the east after the sunset like an orange star and this will continue
untill the next month. Today will be “very close” and if you have small
telescope you can see the ice on its polars, or may be you will be
lucky and see aliens moving on it is surface… 🙂 😉

Le chocolat


Hier, je suis allé avec mon ami au mail d’Abdoon,
il m’ai dit qu’il y a café spécialisé dans la boisson de chocolat. Quand je
regarde au menu – Oh la la – il y a eu 32 boissons différentes, je m’ai dit :
La piment
avec du chocolat, n’est ce pas ? Ma favorite
Mais enfin j’ai choisis le chocolat foncé, c’était très yummy. Je le
recommande pour tous les gens qui est dans l’amour avec du chocolat comme moi, J’ai
oublié de mentionner le nom du café que c’est Cioconat le troisième étage

Firefox One

Firefox One

On Staurday The Oregon State LUG lunched the Firefox One Ballon, The
lunch start at 6:45 PM and I watch it on the webcam of the university.
The ballon reached 20 km high on the sky with Huge poster of Firefox
and a CD…  for full image list visit Firefox One I think it is the 1st browser that reach this height. I wounder if Firefox will be the default browser on other planets 🙂

Open Office is 5 years Old…

I always looked to this free office suite as one of the promising
in the open source community. Now it is 5 years old and version 2 is
almost finished. I guess this autumn will be full of changes in my
life. I am preparing myself to the big switch atleast on my laptop :-),
from Ms Office to Open Office. After that I will complete my move to
Thunderbird from Ms Outlook. What will be next change I don’t know the
days will tell….


Dr. Ahmad Lecture..

Yesterday I attended the lecture with my friends. It started at 9:15 PM
and it was 1 hour long. I was disappointed because it was too short.

The attendance was not that huge there were still empty seats. I could
not took alot of picture because my seat was far, this picture the best
i can get of course after i resize it. Today also he will have another lecture but in Zarqa not in Amman.


iPod 5th Generation

Yesterday Apple announced the new iPod that can play video in addition
of music and images slide show. iPod The new iPod is wider because of it is
screen but thinner. It comes with 30 GB and 60 GB. Actually the most
thing i love it on this new one it is price $299 for the 30GB. but I
am still happy with my mini it is enough for me and not intersted in new
one… but what am looking for is the new iMac but with the Intel CPU
inside next year…