How many times you can fold a paper in half?

Try this, Bring any paper size and try to fold it  in half, I am
sure that the maximum number you can get is eight and there was a
theory about this issue and a math models 🙂

But there is a girl who could fold it 12 times and break the theory by using math model more…

To be Optimistic…

Yesterday there is something unusual happened; I
came back to home after I met my friend – it was long time since last meeting a
week before 🙂 – and really I enjoy it much, anyway back to the subject I went
to wash my face I noticed that the water in the sink become weaker and suddenly
it stop. What luck?!! But I back to the room and turned on my notebook, I surfed
the net then went to sleep and I was still calm… Today when I waked up I check
the water, everything was ok, I took a shower then went to my work.. I had a presentation
for one of our customers, I did well on it and I am still calm and optimistic
really I don’t why? But what I figure it out when you are optimistic and happy
you see everything great and take it easy, but when you sad or pessimistic even
the beautiful things will be ugly…

On ne Change Pas


On ne Change Pas the name of the new album for Celine Dion has been
released with all her best Hits French Songs, it comes with two CDs
contains 36 songs. The album is great sepcially for whom listen to the
french music… You must listen to “I believe in you, On ne change pas,
Je ne vous oublie pas, Fais ce que voudras, Quand on’a que l’amour, Je
t’aime encore, Je sais pas, L’amour existe encore”

Philippe Duchemin en concert


Date: Jeudi 10 novembre 2005 à 20h30

Lieu: Centre Culturel Français

Date: Thursday 10 November 2005 at 20h30

Place: The Cultrual French Center

Ticket Price:
3 JD