Best IT company for 2005

Really for me it is hard to tell, last year I was impressed with many companies on their products, services and how they manage their work… The 3 finals were AMD, Apple and Google. Each one got my attention.. AMD, grab a market share on CPU market so it is the company of the year in CPU market. Apple from loosing company before few years to a company with total value over $72 billion and growing after Pixar Disney Deals… Google, every day I discoverd new thing and new idea… for example before few mins i entered the google website I notice the 🙂 Jordan version of Google I like it…. So it is hard for me to decide which company is the best amoung the others, if you can just tell me!!!!

Google against Justice Department

In USA, the Justice department asked the search engine companies (Google, Yahoo, AOL, MS) to provide them with the user search data type,search terms and a list of companies that index by the search engines. What is wrong with this? coz the user information will be open to them and there will be no privacy. Yahoo and AOL will compliy these rules what without providing them with any user info, MS declined to comment but ACLU confirmed that they complied too, but Google refused to compliy even if it took them to law court for years… So now at least Google is the safest search engine hope it will hold too, Go Goooogle Go…

iPod in Arabic

According to Arab Buisness Machine in Dubai, Apple had made a prototype of Arabic iPod and will hit the market soon in the coming few months, Also they work on arabic version of Tiger (Mac OS). I know as an iPod user it sounds great coz it may yield to an Arabic iTunes store yummy 🙂 and also if Tiger supports Arabic this means I will re-think about the iBook Pro 😉

Me and Banks

I am not a big fan of banks, I just wanna be treated in good way as a customer espacially coz it is my money :-)… I guess the customer care is one of the most important things in any business. I used to have an account on one of local banks since 10 years, but after all these years I discovered that I am missing the customer care, a year ago I had some problems with this bank and without any arrangement I visited another bank and saw how they treat their customers so I decided to change my account to this bank (HSBC) and give them a try. Really the most thing I love it on this bank is the customer care and really it deservered the awards that he took on 2004 and 2005 as best bank for customer care in the middle east. so if you are not happy with your bank give a visit and tell me what happened with you…

Changing my Email Address

Today I was surprised that I cant get any emails to my pop mail, so i called the technical support for the company (Link) and they were very friendly and told me that they just changed the domain for emails from “” to “” and they send us email about this matter but actually i didnt get anything from them regards this matter.. Anyway everything was ok and i can now get mails but what made me angry that am gonna pass to all the web pages that i made registration on them and change my email so imagine that :’-)

Jigsaw is back with more blood…

On the movie poster a phrase was written “Yes there will be blood” and yes there were alot not small like Saw I… The movie comes after one year of the 1st part. While am watching the movie I had feelings why they did this, the story was clear and there are no tricks.. but before 15 mins from the end of the movie, Everything is changed very fast and I felt that I was like a fool :-)… The end really was great and I like it much more than the 1st part Ending…At the end I like the movie even if there was much blood. The life is for those that appriciates life….