Monthly Archives: March 2006

Paradise Now

I was wondering about this film, is it Oscar worthy? Does deserve all the attention that have it from media… i got a chance to watch it on DVD, the movie is short about 1 hr 10 mins. At the end of the movie I got a conclusion that the movie is not for us, it is for them because when you watch it you said i know all this so what??? The movie was recorded in Nablus my town, the movie took me back to the days when I was student their… Is it worthy to watch? mmmh I guess 1 hour it is not so long to spend on the TV so you can play it an watch it and see Nablus 🙂

Day time saving in Amman

Today is the first day of Day time saving, what that means to me? Less sleep, more day hours… I always hate this time, I love to have more night hours since am big fans of night… And the Summer is comming too, just you put your head on the pillow and the clock is rining and and sun is on middle of the sky,,, new day wake up for the job… I wonder when the end of October will come to return the clock again 🙂

Today solar Eclipse…

I tried my best to took a picture for the Solar Eclipse but this is the best I’ve got [[popup:solar.jpg:Solar Eclipse::1:inline]]. I know it may not very clear but the picture was taken with my mobile. Really the solar eclipse is a scary thing I don’t like it, the sun is look very odd and scary… I don’t like the sun but I can’t imagine our life without it so hope each day will wake up and see the sun is on the sky…

Apple is getting 30 olds

Before 30 years ago, Apple II saw the light and everyone was exciting about it but of course am not one of them because 😉 now after 30 years I think that Apple is one of the most innovative companies in IT world. They try each time to give the users something new and useful with new ideas… From almost broked company on the late of 90’s to a company that dominate the music world and music player. I guess Steve is really know how to play his cards…

Office & Windows delay..

I could not imagine that someday MS will give a date for releasing their products and it match them…so I was not surprised when I red on media that MS will delay Windows Vista to 2007 and also Office 2007… Why?!! Officially they said “they need to build stable more secure products” but I think there is something more espacially when rumors spread on the net talking about of re-writing about 60% of Vista code!!!! I don’t if sometimes they will bring up good and inovative products because I gaveed up…

Palm T3 and Samsung D500

Finally after long long time while am trying to connect my Palm T3 with my Samsung D500 mobile to use the GPRS, and I gave up… Yesterday I don’t how it come but I gave it a try and voila.. I connect them together and used the GPRS and checked my email too :-).. Also I downloaded the Opera mini version as a web browser and it was cool too…
I am happy because I can now check and send email whenever I need that or access the Internet when I need it… Thanx to God then to the technology 😉

iPodizim in Amman

I remembered the 1st time when I was looking to a store that sell iPod in Amman to purchase one… iPod what is it?!! it was the common answer for all stores.. Until I called the Modern System as an Apple reseller in Jordan they said only one left because they bought only 4.. I purchaese it, it was iPod 3rd generation with 15 GB capacity.. then I bought a shuffle and mini from the Amazon because they ware too expensive here and it was still not very known… but these days open any newspaper and you will see many adv. mentioning the iPod and its accessories… even more you can see people walking on the street using it… I guess Apple doing well and it will after it will release it’s Arabic version of iPod… I wounder when we will listen to Podcast here in Amman… 🙂

Merci pour Vous

I would like to thanks eveyone who’s said to me Happy birthday via Messenger or SMS or phone or personally or even didn’t say it because he is far away now… It is just a normal day nothing special about it… You know on this day who’s remebered you and memorize this day that’s all nothing more… even who’s forgot may be he is busy with life and made him forgot… But deep inside I know he is caring… Encore un fois “Merci Pour Vous”

Wanna cake!!!

Even taz wanna my cake, yes it is my birthday cake… full loaded with Chocolate inside and outside 🙂 I enjoy eating it but not all of it of course 😉 I wish all of you can share it with me… but at least you saw it …