Google Arabic/English translator

My heart never goes wrong with this company, today I was chocked that Google added to its translating facilities Arabic/English and English/Arabic translation for free. I did small testing on both way I was impressed how the engine was smart enough to understand the meaning of my sentenses. I tried to translate from English to Arabic the CNN, really in general I was satisfied with the results then I tried to translate from Arabic to English, the results was amazing and the engine is very fast. I don’t know why Big Arabic company when you are think of using their transaltion engine they required from you to register yourself on the website or asking more information about you, why they just offer it like others engine.. Shame on you

Chez Dentist

Yesterday, finally i decide to to visit the dentist, I suffer from my tooth while am eating anything sweet or cold, so I went their and he start to drill through it to reach the nervese :-(, he took around 15 mins while he is cleaning the removing the nervese from the tooth, then he block it temp. and told me to come again on Monday so he will finish he work. I am now happy because the main part or the painfull part is gone, now i can sit relaxed on his chair without afraid of pain or niddles 🙂

Spread Firefox in French

Last Thursday was my turn to do my presentation in any subject I want an discuss it with my friends of course in french langauge. It was open to choose any subject, so I decide to choose talking about Firefox as web browser. I guess I prepared myself very well, I started with an introduction about the risks in web browsering, then moving why you should not to use IE, then the solution y using FIrefox as a default web browser. From 15 people in the class there was only one whos heared about Firefox, I gave them a brief then gave them a brochure (French one) about it. 🙂

Nintendo DS Lite

My wishing list is increase each time, and lately DS lite enterd the list, when DS was introduced lately I was not intersted to it. It was big and “ugly” but with this new release smaller and “sexy” look. with WIFI suuports and web browsering, it made me thinks again, if I don’t wanna use it as a handheld game station, I can use as a PDA with high features.

Lessons in our life

It is one week since I lost my wallet, don’t asked me how and where? because I still don’t know. After one week, almost I redo everything my new ID my credit cards but still didn’t get a wallet.
What I have learned, to carry a bag with you to put your stuff in it. Check your pocket before you leave home for your wallet 🙂

IIS and port 80

If you tried to run the IIS or restart and you got an error exception occured, this means that another application is using port 80. To fix this, you have two choices, either to change the port for the IIS or check which application is using this port. If you gonna go with the second option, either there is another web server installed (i.e. apache or tomcat) or another program like Skype yes it use the port 80 if you choose on its connection option to choose the port 80 as alternative port. So check these software such as P2P because you may spend hours figuring what is this application and at the end you will discover it is just a chat software 🙂

Kiki’s Delivary service

Did you imgine yourself instead of calling DHL, Aramex or UPS calling Kiki? :-)… She is a witch reached 13 olds and left her parents and moved to another city (the tradition :-)) the only thing that she is good on, flying on her broom, so she decide to open a delivary service, the most thing i like on this movie her cat Jiji skiny black cat.. realy it is so cute.. if you have sometime get it on DVD and watch it, sure you will like it.

Porco Rosso

Finally I saw this movie, I don’t why I saw it these days but yesterday I have strong feeling to see movies. It is a story of a pilot that had turned to a pig, fight the air pirates and it was taken on Italy. Sounds action huh?! Of course not, it is a comedy movie like Totoro.. Each scene make me laugh and think deeper what Mayazaki was thinking when he wrote this movie. The only thing I was sorry about it that’s I had this movie before 2 years but didn’t see it, What I was waiting for…!!!