Tunnel or Bridge?!!!

Each day while I am going back to home, the taxi driver asked me “Where do you wanna stop?” I told him, “next to Pedestrian tunnel”. Close to the tunnel there is also Pedestrian bridge. I don’t know why the taxi drivers always stop their and they said we arrived!!!… “No it is not the bridge I want the tunnel…” I think there is a big different between the bridge and the tunnel.. at least on above the ground and the other is under the ground :-). One of 10 taxi I hired, 2 of them know the difference between the tunnel and the bridge and stopped correctly where I wanna stop..

The License and Me

Finally after 5 times on failing on the driving test, I got the driving license today… yup finally i can drive here… but the funny things that I didnt pass the exam but I just exchange my other license with one from here it just took me 2 days to do that… If you have another license from another contry and wanna one from here just exchange it is faster.. 🙂

New Yahoo Mail (Beta)

I got a chance to test the All new Yahoo mail, it is still in beta.. I was impressed with the clean interface… you have good space to list your email you will feel that you are using mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook. The email is fast like Gmail… and you have right click menu… if you compare it with the new Hotmail… MS don’t have any chance to compete againest Yahoo.. I am thinking now to start using my Yahoo mail, even if I have POP mail accounts..I hope this new interface will see the light soon, because it is really worthy and great…

X-Men 3

After 3 years from X2, X3 now appeared with only 1:47 hrs, you will see an ordaniary x-men movie with alot of twist in the story line and some actions in the movie, according to Marvel this will be the last one in the triology and they may changed thier mind if the opening was great :-). Anyway if you got a chance to watch this movie don’t leave your seat until the credits is end, because you still have something to see 😉

Majeda Album

I know it was long time when Majeda released her new album Etazal Al-Gharam about 3 months ago, and till now I didn’t say any word about it. You wonder why, really I don’t think I can describe it with any word am not a good writer 🙂 but I decide finally to write something about it. The album came after long absence of Majeda; around 8 years. the album full of romantic songs, classic or fast… each song have it is own color and taste. Majeda was really great – as usual – for choosing this album songs… I can’t wait for Jarash when she come and sing on the stage woooow.

Watch World Cup 2006 for Free

After the schedual, I will add the channels that will broadcast the world cup 2006 on Satalite
1- BBC 2 on ASTRA 2A, Freq. 1172, H, 27500, 2/3
2- ARO (Germany) on Hotbird, Freq. 11604, H, 27500, 5/6
3- ZDF on ASTRA 1G, Freq. 11954, H, 27500, 2/3
4- TSR1 on Horbird, Freq. 12339, H, 27500, 5/6
Enjoy, and tell me who is gonna win this year 🙂

Adding background to table in FrontPage

If you are one of FrontPage users and you want to add a background to a table or a cell and you don’t know how? just follow these steps:
1- Right click and choose table or cell properties
2- Click on Style button
3- Click on Format button and choose boarder
4- Click on Shading tab
5- Choose the picture that you want to make it a background then click Ok on all dialouge.
Voila now you add to your table or cell a background 🙂

Coffees in Amman

Yesterday, while I was on taxi leaving my job.. the taxi driver asked me if he can buy a cup of coffee.. he stopped on front of one of the street “coffee shops (abo al3abed)”. i was surprised with the way they communicate. by few hands move the boy understand that he wants a cup of coffee with a lot of sugar, cup of water and a pack of ciggirattes (Marlboro light :-)). I know now that every job has it is own langauge and communications


Yesterday I saw the new film for Tom Cruse… I was not so exciting about it because the last film (War of the World) was not that big thing. The movie yes have alot of actions but not that new ideas.. The story is very bad and weak… I don’t know they spend more the $50 M on the movie but didnt find a good right writer to write this story I gave it B-.