Busy Week

Finally it Thursday, the weekend… Really it was very hard week on me kept me busy all time from work to my french exams my friends and family visit.. but now I am little free, still have alot of things to do but I made great progress that will give me another push to finish all sucked work… 🙂

Google Spreadsheets, My 1st impression

I got an invitation from Google to try the new spreadsheets as a beta tester… the 1st thing i said Wooow, the interface is very clear and easy to use.. the import feature are great, i imported it alot of files with different layout and all are opend as they were in Excel. The Autosave function is great too… but still no graphs or plots.. the multisheets are great too even if you import multisheets Excel file it will open too. The sharing function is cool, so you can share the editing with around 10 users at the same time… Finaly you can save the file either on Excel or CSV and download it to your PC. Go Google nice move