Bye Bye Taxi…

After long waiting, and alot of thinking… I bought my car, Citroen C3 2007, dark blue color with sensodrive gear. The car is cute and easy to drive. Stable and attractive on parking. Later i will write full review according to my experinece with it. :-). So bye bye Taxiiii forever 😉

It’s time to format

Usually I don't format my laptop alot, when it gets very slow and I had a problem with it i go with the format option. Last 2 days I had some problem with my laptop and every signs tell me your laptop need a format. The most thing I hate in the formating is migration of data and installing the software again so the laptop back to it is previous state. I will start the migration process today and formating hope eveything is going fine and the problems will be solved.


Yesterday I slept at 3.00 am working on migration of data and restore the settings of my laptop. Thanks God everything is back as it is but with faster performance and no problems 🙂

Solar System new Family

After few days our solar system may have new family members, from 9; the number will increase to 12 Planets. If the International Astronomical  Union vote to add the three new members Xena, Ceres, Charon. If this happend so all the books will be changed and all students will learn that the solar system have 12 planets orbit around the sun

Happy Birthday PC

On 12/8 IBM introduced the 1st PC with DOS as Operating System, now the PC is 25 years old. Imagine how our life is changed after it. What benifits we got? How sometimes it made our life easier and sometimes more complicated. We still dont know what it will bring to us in the few coming years and how much it will be integrated with our life, only the days will show that…

Welcome Hashem

You may notice that the last article was not written by me, it was written by friend Hasheem, he will help me to write on the blog and add something new to it, there will be many changes, such as articles in Arabic language, new topics and more… So let us all welcome with Hashem and told him welcome on board 🙂

One month Ago

Yes, the last time I wrote something on my blog was before one month. I know it is a long time, but the busy life took me away. I guess to work around 13 hrs/day in front of your Pc even at the weekend, it is not easy. At my work we had emergency time all the month, it was one of the biggest migration and dangerous process. I had alot of things to do outside the job. Also alot of news I was dying to write about them passed through the last month, starting from AMD & ATI, MS Zune, Web OS and other subjects I promise to write about each one of them. Anyway I hope I can say I am back to my blog and to spend some times with it, because I need to update it to the last version and I think this will took from me sometime to do that. Anyway Happy surfing to all of you.. 🙂

Superman Return

I am not big fan of Superman even while I was young, I dont see anything especial about the his comics/movies or series. Last week end I wen to see his last movie and I went their without I expect anything because the trialer was bad; i didn’t like it at all. The movie was long about 2:30 hr alot of romance, no actions dont be surprise if all the actions in the trailer is only on the movie. The story is not that good alot of gaps and no connections. So if you are really hardcore fan of Superman or you just wanna spend sometime go and see it, otherwise save your money 😉

Jack is Back

Yes it is back with long story and it does not end at he end of the movive you should wait for part 3. The movie is about 2:30 hr it is funny and sometime you said who’s the sick guy that wrote the script for the movie, and I dont need to mention that Johny Deep is the right guy for such movies, I adore this guy and the way he act. So if you wanna laugh, and spend some good time go and watch it because it is worth to watch…