Quick News

Last 10 days, alot of events passed away.. starting from launching Windows Vista and Ms Office 2007, to PS3 with its 7 cores launch… to Wii with its motion sensitive remote launch…Ah I almost forgot the brownish gadget 🙂 Zune (MS mp3 player) as they describe it "an iPod killer" 😉 and finally Firefox ads at one of the biggest TV on US… These are the headlines and details coming sooon after returning from dead sea 🙂


I know it is normal to be connected or binded emotionally to something in your life and you miss if it pass away or leave, such as your family, friends, your pet or plant, but what about being emotionally connected to something with no life, such as your laptop, mobile, car or even cloths. When I think of it, I laugh because these things does not have feelings or even they don't who is the user…. But if you think that these things hold your memories, bad or good moments and when you gave it away, you feel that you gave or you through them away, this become difficult on you and you feel sorry to do that, because the person is living on his/her memories even if it is bad or good… This is why they call it a Human….

Is it truly a weakness?!!!!

They said, if you hate or love someone, you become weaker than him/her? is that true!!! Is it because the hate or love, because when you think about it, it is so silly , if i hate or love someone, i became weaker, then why to hate or why to love!!! So the better solution is to treat all people if they are on same level, not to hate not to love!!! But if this happened this will remove all emotions inside us and we will not be human!!! You see how difficult it is? To hate or to love, you become weak, if you don't hate or love you are not human!!!. So decide on which side you are, a Weak human or not Human!!!!!!!

To be invisible…..

Imagine yourself invisible no one can see you, passing by everyone like if you are not existing. Yesterday I was watching one of Buffy season, I don’t know if you remembered the episode when Buffy fought a girl that was invisible, but how she became invisible not seen by others. She was with them on same class room, but no one was noticing her, everyone was ignoring her until she became invisible, then she came back to revenge from everyone. I know this will not happened, but what happen everyday is a lot of people pass in our life, or around us no one notice them or everybody ignore them, may be because they don’t speak much or they don’t show themselves like others. Is it right to show yourself even if it is not in the right, just to be noticed, I will leave this for you to decide?

Voting for Petra

The new 7 wonders will be selected in 07/07/2007, there are about 21 sites around the world are nominated to be one of the wonder.

One of these site is Petra, you can vote for it via registration over the internet (i.e. just click on the picture 😉 ) or by mobile. Thanx Ruba for the picture

Tool you must have!!!

I know you are wondering,what is this? why i carry it with me everywhere I go… I think it is a must for everyone sit in front of the PC for long hours… It is an eye dropper 🙂 to refresh your eyes if you feel your eyes dried or tired… It has a very quick effect and relaxation. So if you are sitting for long hours in front of your monitor you should keep one in your pocket to give your eye some relax and tears 🙂