I Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker "I hope not", you can arrange for a visit to this clinic I Quit Smoking  they promise you to start quit smoking from the 1st visit. Your session will last only for 1 hour and they said almost 90% of the smokers they quit, but of course you need to control yourself too after the session. Quit now if you still smoking…


Hello visitors, I want to play a game… The rules are simple live or die make your choice… Let the game begin!!!!

Suffering…You Haven't Seen Anything Yet… Yes you haven't see anything yet. I love this movie alot, the story is very twisted and alot of emotion were their… What I hate it that there are few scenes with blood. The story continue where Saw II end and it is end promising to continue it in the next part Saw 4. So if you like the previous two movies go and see it, I'm sure you will like it.

Learning from past

Sometimes I asked myself; when something bothered us or we experienced
something that upset us, why we continue experience them again and again… Is it
because we are not learning from our past, or it is because we forget, or it is
because we forgive. Why sometimes we love to make ourselves suffering. Why we can’t
go on and move ahead? Why we are sticking to our past? Each time we said “It
will be the last time…” but after few minutes – may be – we back again… If you
found the answer, tell me because I still didn’t figure it out, Why??!!!

iPhone, Apple inc, iTv

The iTv now is available and you can pre-order it from Apple store according to Steve Job, you just connect it to your TV and enjoy watching all downloadable contents (Audio/Video) with 40 GB capacity and wireless connection for Audio/Video Streaming.


Also Steve Job mentioned that now Apple Computer inc, will not be longer in use; only Apple inc to reflect the new direction of the company beyond the the Computer and software.


Last and the most wanted thing is the [[popup:iphone.jpg:iPhone::inline:1]]. Yes it is true Apple entering the area of the phones. with new Mac OS for mobile (another competitor for Windows Pocket Pc!!!!) and touch scree, 2 MP cam, 4/8 GB storage, 3.5" screen, EDGE, bluetooth and WiFi. Also with sensors for lighting and positioning… Amazing isn't it 🙂

108 Inches LCD from Sharp

Ehm, I know it may sound crazy but imagine yourself sitting in a room (don't asked me about the size of it) with 108 inches TV screen on the wall 🙂 The company now racing to develop giant screens (dont know why?!!!) 1st Samsung announced 70 inches TV after few days LG.Philips they released the 100 inches TV and these people now released the 108 inches !!!! By the way you can buy the 70 inches TV with a competitive price $15,000 🙂