Mabrook ya Aladdin

Yesterday was Aladdin party.. and these are few pictures

Dancing Alone


 Dancing with every body


 Even with John !!!!! 🙂


The Henna


If you know it is bad, but if you don’t know it is …

Yes, something I hate it and make me upset is when people don't monitor their behavior… When they are asking you, why you are pissed off… and you ask yourself, are they pretending they don't know or REALLY they don't know; especially if you assume they should know… You know now what I mean !!!!!!!!

Nothing stay the same…

Long time I didn't pick up my keyboard and write something.. but today is different. I noticed how things are changing fast, just think of anything now, and return back few years ago and see how it i was… you will get shocked.. an example, my car C3 back few years ago it was Saxo.. big different. Yahoo before few years ago completely different than now.. Even me how i was look before few years and now extremely amazing. Even your friends or close ones.. See them now and remembered them before and see how everything is changes……

Free Wireless Internet from Google

Google does not stop impressing me day after day. Now they offer 2Mbps for free wireless to your home

but guess how? After you receive your Google Start up kit, with all instructions.. You can have internet connection within 60 mins. But this is still didn't answer the question, HOW?? You should visit the link and see how this company is innovative 😉