Zain and Me

I could not hold myself and wait tell I get back to home and write about it. I love the customer service here in our area espcailly when the company become big and have lots of customers. Today I was checking my bill for the mobile phone and i was shocked that they charge me 25 JD  for Internet usage, but I am already subsribed to the one of data plan??!!!! I called the customer service and told them the story, he told me that I canceled my data plan subscribtions before one month, but actually I didn’t last month I just increase the sms plan that’s it, he told me I can’t do anything for you and this is what our system tell us. I finished the call, go to my iPhone and turned the EDGE off, and I conclude when the guy increase my sms subsriptions he removed the Data plan and now i should pay for his mistake… I will stop ue the Internet on my phone until a good plans or service be availabe on the market and I don’t see it on the near future

Firefox 3.0 Launch Party Package Contents

Today I received the Party Package for the Firefox 3.0 Launch Party. It is arrived on time, before one day of the party. it have lots of things Labyard, Party Hat, Pin Badge, Rubber Bracelet, Stickers sit, Firefox tatos and tshirts. Tomorrow is the party here in Amman, I wish to all happy safe and fast surfing…

iPhone Mic

iPhone owners don’t laugh on me, after several months of using the iPhone, I discovered that, the headset that come with the iPhone, you can use it to answer the call, reject it, play/stop music and forword the music to the next track, you just need to click on the mic once or double two forward to the next track. Always read the booklet that come with any gadget it have useful tips 🙂

Salad of the Week – Rocket Salad

My salad of the week is Rocket Salad one of my faviorate


  1. One Tomato
  2. Green Onion
  3. Half punch of Rocket
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Sumac (Mediterranean Spice, red color)

How to:

  1. Cut the tomato to slices
  2. Cut on green onion to circles
  3. Cut the rocket and leave it as big shunck
  4. add the olive oil and sumac
  5. Mixed all ingerdiantes
  6. Leave it for 5 to 10 mins, to take the taste of the Sumac

If you don’t like onion you can replace with garlic or just tomato and rocket, be creative.. Bon Appetite 🙂

Everybody Needs Something to Hold onto

I love Celine Dion Song One Heart, the lyrics is amazing, on that day while am listening to I just stooped when she said ‘Everybody needs something to hold onto’ Does each one, hold on onto something to support or to make us carry on. I started from the beginning, I took every stage for the human when we were babies until we become old, what I found it was amazing.
When we are baby, our nature, hold onto our mother to feed us and take care of us, when we grow up, our parents the one who are hold onto. when we become teenage, our friends and how we want to prove ourselves. when we start become young, we hold onto many things Love, work, Friends, family, religion. Sometimes we are scared from something like and exam, and we are waiting, you try to talk to someone, just to make you comfortable and say to you ‘don’t worry You will past, it is easy’ even if you can say that to yourself, but you need someone to support you and words to hold onto even deep inside you don’t believe on that. Just check everyday activities and you find you are living your whole life hold onto something or many things not necessary a physical things but sometimes it is emotional…

Why ECM Projects?!!!

I always wondered why Organizations and companies pay millions of dollars each year to implement an ECM and no body use them. I decide to dig more and see why these millions are lost. After long research and from My experience I found these interesting points

  1. Failure to meet users expectations, sometimes end users expect to ease their life and work but what happened when it comes, it adds extra work and make it more complex for them
  2. Applications are too complex or needs extra work, this point is one of the major points in any IT projects, if the applications are complex no one will use it even IT people
  3. Lack of skills or knowledge around the application or process, even if IT people got a training on a software, but the knowledge around that applications doesn’t come in one shot, this usually takes time to be build
  4. Lack of ownership on business level, there are no owners for the processes, no one can give a decision on a process
  5. Organization acceptance fails, the overall acceptance of the ECM is fails no one think it is necessary or even needed

Loctite 495

I don’t know why people hate my car, after I waked up early morning to go to my work I was shocked that my right mirror was broken 🙁

I called the dealer and he said that I must pay 170 JD ($220) for a new one. I called my brother and he suggested to me to use a good glue and told me about it is Loctite 495. I bought it online and today I got it.

The color and smell is like the cheap super glue, the effect is much much more… I tried today and my Mirror return as if it was never broken, and I as my brother said to me you can glue a horse on the wall with it 🙂 So I fixed my car with only 14 JD ($20) and I still have alot of glues if you need something to fix 😉