A Year of Change

I love reading on PickTheBrain Website, they have lots of useful articles that inspired me to write. Today they released a Free E-Book called A Year of Change, it contains the best articles in the website like

  1. Learning to Dearm…Again
  2. 24 Daily Habits
  3. Feel the pain, then make the change
  4. How to Sell Yourself

and many others.. Enjoy the reading and remeber it is free you can print it, share it, etc.. but don’t sell it

How to capture the current Window without the background

When I always capture a screen shot, I just pressed the Print Screen button, then open photo editing software and cut the background after that use the pic, but yesterday my friend tought me a new trick, just press Alt + Print Screen button on the required window, you will get the screen shot for the current window without the background

ما هو الحب

من السهل أن تعيش الحب وأن تعرفه ولكن من الصعب جدًا أن ُتعرف عنه بكلمات وكأنك تسأل السمكة عن البحر…. حتمًا ستقول لك: “هذا هو البحر… شامل وعام ويغطي السطح كّله”… ولكن إذا أصريت وبإلحاح: “أرجوكي أيتها السمكة حددي لي بوضوح معنى البحر لا بالإشارة بل بالمعرفة” عندئذٍ تقع المشكلة… وفسرالماء بعد الجهد بالماء وكذلك الحب والجمال وكل ما هو حقيقة لا تستطيع أن تعرفه بالفكر بل بالعرفان وبالإدراك… لسوء الحظ ومنذ ألوف السنين نتحدث عن الحب ولا نحياه… أغان وأشعار عن الحب والعشق والغرام وأناشيد وترانيم عن الوفاء والإخلاص وأبحاث ونقاش عن التفاني والتفاهم وعن الأفراح والّتهاني وكلها تبدأ بالوفاق وتنتهي بالنفاق ورحم الله الحب الحق… وليس للحب مكان لا في قلب الإنسان ولا في عصر الزمان وكان يا ما كان مجنون ليلى في ليالي النسيان…

Street Walk -Episode 1

I always hate the Raised pavement marker (Picture on the left) especially when they use them in tunnels or before entering the circles; I feel that they cut the tires of the car and worst than speed humps. Lately I noticed that Greater Amman Municipality starts replacing them with Rumples Strips (Picture on the right) in different areas like the tunnel for the 4th circle. They do the job and they don’t hurt the car, Moves like this are mostly appreciated from the car owner

Jordanian Cable Service

Finally a long waited service is entering the Jordanian Market and I hope it will change the Internet market in Jordan. JCS is an TV and Internet Cable company providing around 70 TV channels and 4 different Internet speed connections with unlimited upload and download.. Also the network between JCS network is around 10 Mbs. I contacted the customer service today, unfortinaltly my area still not covered with this serivce but they promise will do next few months. I hope this will drive the other ISP to increase the speed and remove the internet cap so we can enjoy fast, cheap internet surfing without fear of bandwith drops