Zain e-Go Service in Jordan

Today Zain Jordan launch the e-Go service, the wireless internet connection without a landline… I am already a customer of Zain longtime ago and happy with their service. I called the customer service (1234) and asked the staff to give me more information. She was friendly with me, she gave me all price schema (already checked it from the website). I asked her about the coverage she said it is 99% of Amman area, you can either get a USB device or a wireless modem (USB is free for 2.4 and 5 mbps customers). I asked her if I can convert from ADSL to Wireless and what about if I reach my limit how much the speed gonna drop, she asked me to wait on phone to get more information, after 1 minute she said to me I can’t convert from ADSL to wireless (not big deal), but she said till now there is no policy for the download limitation because the first two months are free download limit (till the two months are ended, at the time company will find a policy) and there is no free download limit time as ADSL (on ADSL from 10 pm to 7 am, and Friday). I guess I will wait more because my ADSL will end this December and the prices will change more and will have more offers

Compaq CQ 50 and Linux

Before few days I decide to install Kubuntu on my laptop using wubi then if everything went fine move to dual booting. After 2 hours kubuntu was installed successfully but every time I start it I got a kernal panic since I want to try the AMD64 version, I google it; the problem was with my wireless card. I found this article that have a work around but I found this problem is solved with kubuntu 9.04 (will be released on 23 April). I decide to wait for the new version but on same time I installed Sun VirtualBox and installed kubuntu 8.1. Everything went fine, but I enabled the virtualiziton from BIOS to run the 64 bit version… I’m now enjoying playing with KDE and the new interface