Custom Content Model Builder for Alfresco

This utility will help you to build custom content model, it only build the custom content model xml file, and the admin must modify manually the rest two files you can specify if the field is required, default or multi-values list. If you need any help please leave for me a comment, Source Code and Documentation


New updated source code is released please check the tool page

iPhone in Jordan from Orange

Before couple of days my friend asked me to go with him to get an iPhone from orange, we went to smart buy orange office because on the website they mentioned that you can get it from their. After we arrived and the customer care girl explain all the package details she said you can’t get it from here you have to go the 7th circle branch. We went their and after 1 hour my friend took his iPhone and the customer care said sorry the procedures are long. I imagine if on the launch day on AT&T had these long procedures what gonna happened

Playing FLV files in VB .Net

To play FLV files for SWF files in a windows application  you have to:

  1. Downloaded Flash player
  2. Added Com object (Macromedia Flash Factory Object) into the VB .Net Toolbox
  3. Drag and drop Com object onto a form
  4. download JW FLV Media Player from here
  5. load the “player.swf” file and send to it the parameters like the video name, etc… here you can find the parameter list

I put the below code on the load form event as an example

Dim swftoload As String
swftoload = “c:\player.swf?file=video.flv&autostart=true&logo=logo.PNG&smoothing=true”
AxShockwaveFlash1.LoadMovie(0, swftoload)

Enjoy playing flv files within your application or create you own FLV Player

Bulk Insert into Alfresco – ACP Generator

The purpose of the utility to import bulk documents into Alfresco with their meta data based on a custom content model and convert them to ACP file then import it into Alfresco. It reads custom content model, documents and CSV file and create ACP file.

The tool was developed using .NET framework 2.0, and it is open source you can use it and redistribute it without any licensing

This tool was developed based on ACPGeneratr utility idea.

You find here the source code and the documentation, if you need any more help please contact me

The tool was tested with Alfresco 2.1 and the latest Alfresco 3.0 Lab edition, and also non-Latin language support

Thanks to Bader and Nawras who did a great job to make it real

Top sites in Jordan

Yesterday I was reading that Orange is reduce more the prices for the ISP to help to increase the number of Internet users in Jordan and Zain before couple of days released the Zain e-Go service in Jordan as the 1st provider in middle East (but Kuwait and Bahrain already had this before) also to compete and spread the internet. I decide to see what internet users in Jordan are looking for and their interest and how they are using the Internet. I went to Alexa website and checked the top visited sites in Jordan, the 1st one is  and the 2nd one is, I said ok most of users home pages are these two sites no problem, then Facebook (I hate it) people in Jordan are wasting their time by putting their information public to world-interested. after that Youtube came; people here are spending lots of time watching videos on YouTube. Then Koora, you know football is popular here in Jordan. after that Alrai newspaper, finally something good to read (at least). Wikipedia came on no. 11, good to see it here… then I went to the list till I reach to the 100 website. what I notice is that people either listening to music, reading news, watching video, or adult content or socializing… Is this what we need really from the Internet, I guess in addition of encouraging people of connecting to the Internet, government and public/private sector should educate people the benefit of it and how really you should use it

Top Sites:

  1. Search: Google
  2. Video: YouTube
  3. News: Alrai
  4. Sport: Koora
  5. Social: FaceBook