Capturesco – The Alfresco Capture Tool (Alfresco Scan)

Capturesco is a tool built using VB.Net to add capture functionality to Alfresco by scanning documents, capture pictures from Web Cams or Camera and Videos. The tool is calling Alfresco Web services and allow the user to choose where to save the scanned or captured images. This tool was tested on Alfresco Lab 3.0 and was build by a help from this great article

To use this tool, you must have alfresco lab 3.o installed and configured, currently I am using localhost:8080 and you can change that but you have to rebuild the solution. Also you have to register the WIA.dll using regsvr32

I am using the WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) API to capture or scan documents and images.

Beta 1 from Capturesco was released on Thursday,  the basic functionality are working (capture and choose where to save) but still lots of validations still be made.

To Do for Capturesco 1.0:

  1. Adding validations
  2. Choose the image format
  3. Adding video capture
  4. User Interface enhancement

To do later on after releasing version 1.0

  • Allow adding custom meta data to the scanned or captured image

If you have any ideas or suggestions for features to be added, please feel free to tell me about it.