My plan for the New Year 2011

2010 was one of the best year I ever had in the last 3 decades, and I am happy that I am starting a next decade with new life and new job. So I summarize few things I will do them next year as part of continuous life improvement to myself 😀

  • I promise myself starting from next year to stop talking about politics. This means no more political discussions or argument, of course I will still read news and see how things around the world is going especially in my region but just the headlines no more no less. Enough politics
  • I decide to give myself a break every week from Technology  things and stay away from my laptop. I guess these things are consumed more than I think and there are lots of things in our life deserve to spend more time with.
  • Give more attention to people around me, and if I could help one person at least a month I will be statisfied with myself
  • Give more attention to my health, and take myself to a further step from where I am standing now.
  • Learn something new in my career path and add to it, also improve what I already have and polish it
  • Visiting the countries around specially France and Italy
  • Can’t tell you
  • Can’t tell you
  • Can’t tell you
  • Can’t tell you
  • Can’t tell you

Happy New Year and wish that all your plans become true

Before one month…

He was at home busy preparing himself to leave, packing everything; running between one room to another trying not to forgot things he may need them later in his journey. Also he was trying to finish everything because his schedule was very tight; he is planning to see a lot of friends before leaving.  Deep inside he knows this is the end of the 2nd chapter in his life. 1st one started years ago when he was at the university studying and preparing himself for the real world. At night, he checked everything to make sure that he took almost everything he need and went to sleep, it was last night he is sleeping there, at morning he took a quick shower, put down all his luggage at the car, and before closing the door, he took a quick look to the apartment and left without saying anything. In the car, he was not in the mood to listen to anything just Fairuz songs, he knows it’s the last time he is driving his car, his 1st car… And always the 1st thing in our life is not easy to let it go. Arrived to the airport, give some goodbye kisses to his friends and got inside the airplane and before the airplane took off, he said deep inside. A chapter was closed, and a new one is open; let me make this new one is one of the best so far…

From Which Angle?

I know we can argue for hours on that but I still believe that everything in this world has its own beauty but it depends on which angle you are look into it. Even the worst situations or difficult times you can find a beauty or something beautiful on that. This is not hypothetical speech or just a speech from someone that sitting in high place and looking for people in the street, it is not the case, sometimes you will be in situation either you live it as it is and enjoy it or just make your life as a hell and everyday will be a nightmare. So you will have to choose either to live with it and find a beauty on that or have everyday a nightmare, it’s up to you. And don’t come back to me and said no there is no good side, I will going to tell you;  you didn’t look deep or you are just deep inside believe on that so you find something to hang out all your depression or failure on. Put it in a cube and flip it in every angle I am sure you will going to find the right angle to look on it.

What people in our region is looking for?

Today while I was reading Alghad newspaper, I stopped on this article which is talking about the latest report about what Arabic people are searching for in the Internet and what their interests. I was not surprise by the 1st and big search subject that people are looking for which is sex because I was expecting that – a quick look to Alexa ranking you know that – but what makes continue reading the other results; like freedom with huge amount of quires, jokes, Democracy, certain types of freedom. Also the results about Arabic research was a disaster almost nothing. Also a quick look to our Artists, how much people where searching for Tamer Husni!! I guess these kind of statistics should be more studied and give it more attention because it gives an idea where we are going and how people are thinking.. A message to our governments would you please read that report and do something or you still don’t know what’s the cyber space and think people are sleeping.

Feeling with others

After few days using my new tool for money management Money Standards to see where my money goes, and I really I spend it. I was shocked how much money I spent for things not considered as essentials or just for fun. I know everybody needs to buy things to entertain himself or to show the bless that he own buy also he must feels with others. People who need such money for basic things like food, education or shelter. I guess to have balance in your life and inner peace you have to give as you take. Because you don’t know those people that you help now what they become in the future..

The Change, is a universal law

One of my friend told me a very interested story about a old man that has a small shop selling some food and stuff in an old village. The business was running quite well and sometimes sons of this old man come and help me him in his shop, and when his sons come for help he always asked them to change the places for boxes and goods on the shelves. So old boxes never stay on the same place for more than one week. One of the villager came to that old man and asked him, why you always doing that changing the places of things on the shelves. The old man replied look my son change is a universal law, if things stayed on their places for long time the dust will build on them and no one gonna buy them, so changing them from time to time will make sure that they will stay clean and other people may notice them and buy them… What I love in this story is whole point.. Change is a universal Law, we need a change in our life or dust will built on us and we will sink in the routine cycle of life and will never get out from it. So dear reader after finishing this line… Promise yourself to do a change in your life now and see how things will get better…