Prisoner of the time

Today I discovered that I am completely prisoner of the time!

Today I went to my Yoga class a little bit earlier and before the class started I noticed that I am not wearing my Fitbit watch. For a moment I had a panic attack but then I remembered that I connected to my PC at work to be recharged and I forgot to take it back again. I told myself, tomorrow I will get it, that’s not an issue.

I started to prepare my yoga mat, and I sat on my cushion waiting for the class to start, unconsciously after few moments I looked at my arm to see the time, but the watch was not there. I felt irritated because I felt that I don’t know what’s the time now! How long I have to wait until the class to start?! I looked around to see if there is a clock but nothing was there, just empty walls. I said to myself; close your eyes Rami and try to clear your head from the daily thoughts. But this idea of losing the track of time kept coming back again. I had a discomfort feelings, I am losing the track of the time! I am getting lost!!

The class started, I tried to focus more on the instructions but from time to time, something jump in my head, asking what’s the time now?! I had to fight this feelings couple of times until I won. I completely let the time go and I lost the track of time. The only thing that I was focusing on my breathes and how to put my self in the posture.

I finished the class, and I don’t know what is the time now, my head is clear, I don’t care if it is late or it is early. I arrived at home and once I entered my living room I noticed the time and I said to myself. It felt like if I was away for a very long time!

We are prisoner of the time (at least me), sometimes we lose the joy of a moment because we are afraid that it will end soon. We keep looking into our watches/mobiles or clocks to know our location in time. We lost the sense of time because we keep tracking of it, we are afraid to be left alone without knowing the time because we are afraid to be by ourselves so we don’t face ourselves for a longer period.

What I learned today is to set myself free from my time’s prison, to enjoy the moment and face myself without a fear.

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