To Let go…

Everyday we resisting and fighting, our muscles are tense all the time to pull ourselves away. We are not giving up or surrender to it. The only time that we giving up to it while we are sleeping because we are not in control anymore.

Gravity keeps pulling us down but we resist that all the time. With my new yoga experience, when my teacher says “Surrender to gravity”‘; it was difficult at the beginning to do so. My mind trick me, for a moment it give me the feeling that all my muscles surrendered but I found my face muscles are not yet. My mind is not easily giving up, even if it plays trick on his owner. I had to force my mind to let go, to surrender, and experience the feelings of having my muscles melted down from my bones. The feeling for losing the awareness of your body parts. The feeling that your soul or mind is not limited to this physical body but it is part of bigger things that surround us and we don’t pay attention to. I feel that I am sleep however I am still awake!

When my awareness start to surface again, and I started to feel my body parts again, I feel that all the noises and voices inside my head are quite. It is like a city in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping and its streets are empty. As if all these noises went down or discharged into earth and left my body!

Surrender to gravity makes me feels as if my body became part of the earth and the only living part of me is my mind!

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