Mind + Soul + Body

After winter, people starts to clean their houses, get rid of the cloths or stuff that they don’t need anymore. Windows are open to let the new fresh spring breeze to enter the house and replace the cold humid one. Fasting is my “Spring cleaning” of my body, mind and soul. Every year, I feel how my soul is elevated, how’s my body is taking a rest during the day and start focusing in cleaning itself. My mind become more clear, my energy level increase specially my mental power. This is year I wanted to add another layer on top of that, I wanted to try yoga while I am fasting. I doubted myself how far I can go, I was expecting myself after the fist class to stop and take break until I finish the month because I will not be able to do it. However, I had completely different experience! It added to my peace of mind, it helps me to recognized my body more and pushed its boundaries. After every class, I came back home, I don’t feel like doing anything, just breaking my fast, and enjoy the peaceful moment inside my head and my body. Yoga gave my fasting a boost, it is like the finial touches to my body and my mind. Now the equation is completed and both side of it is on balance: Mind + Soul + Body = Me!

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