iPhone, Apple inc, iTv

The iTv now is available and you can pre-order it from Apple store according to Steve Job, you just connect it to your TV and enjoy watching all downloadable contents (Audio/Video) with 40 GB capacity and wireless connection for Audio/Video Streaming.


Also Steve Job mentioned that now Apple Computer inc, will not be longer in use; only Apple inc to reflect the new direction of the company beyond the the Computer and software.


Last and the most wanted thing is the [[popup:iphone.jpg:iPhone::inline:1]]. Yes it is true Apple entering the area of the phones. with new Mac OS for mobile (another competitor for Windows Pocket Pc!!!!) and touch scree, 2 MP cam, 4/8 GB storage, 3.5" screen, EDGE, bluetooth and WiFi. Also with sensors for lighting and positioning… Amazing isn't it 🙂

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