Follow Your Heart

Sometimes your heart thinks, whom do you really

You love someone, but you like someone else

Your minds speaks, but your heart denies…

Someone listens, but someone else comforts…

Someone prays, but someone else consoles…

Someone says, but someone else’s actions speak…

Someone laughs, but someone else understands…

Someone just tells, but someone else makes you do…

Someone is there, but someone you want is not…

You search for someone in someone else…

Is this a beginning of Love, or is it the end?

A time comes in life when you think what love really

What you think is love, or is it something else?

Listen to your mind…, but follow your heart….

One thought on “Follow Your Heart”

  1. Follow your heart, but don’t cause pain,
    And don’t pretend that this is saint.
    When you want something you will know,
    As you know that feelings come and go.
    Decide what you really want, then take a step,
    But don’t move a dam if you don’t want a trip.
    Don’t try to move if you don’t know your way,
    Coz you’ll hurt a lot hearts at the end of the day.
    You got to be man enough to know your dream
    And take a step then; when you know your stream.
    Two kinds of stupid guys, once I heard,
    One move without a thought, another thinks and doesn’t moving ahead.
    So be sure where your dreams are,
    Then go follow the twinkle star.
    I will say good bye, I don’t know why,
    But I want to rest again when I lye.
    Enough of hesitating, enough of tears,
    Enough of hearing a lot of fears,
    You have your chance in your life once,
    If you don’t take it, it will go to someone else.
    Two days ahead, then no more us,
    Or maybe both of us will have a bless;
    But now I don’t care as I did before,
    Cause a broken heart will find it hard to adore.
    Either you fix it, and keep it yours,
    Or leave it in peace; time will heal its brose.
    And be sure to heal your self too,
    But don’t hurt others while you do.

    (Copy rights reserved for Me!)(blush)2al y3ni!

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