En Fin…

It was long time since I wrote something; really it was very
busy week full of news, I didn’t have enough time to do a lot of works.
First of all, I am gonna change my current work and move to
UNRWA as a system analyst; I know this will make me more busy to finish all the
pending tasks that I have but I guess it is a big step on my career. Anyway I
still have around two months before I leave. Also this week I celebrate with my friend his birthday, we
spent great time together coz I didn’t see him from long time and I was a great
chance to saw him again..
Yesterday I visited METs expo, I felt that every year this
expo is shrinking and getting smaller, there were few companies with nothing special
on their offers 🙁
I forgot to mention my brother; he came from KSA to spend
his holiday here, but after his visit to Nablus
Something else, I gave my French language a try :-), I went
with Tareq (my friend) to Zara expo for universities Expo – of course the French
embassy was their- 😉

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