Finally, I reclaim my inbox what about your?

After long waiting, Thunderbird 1.5 is realeased… While I waiting to finish downloading it I was thinking do I really prepared to move from Outlook after more than 7 years of usage. Is all of my emails will be transfered smoothly their…Let us figure it out, I install it and as usaul very fast installation, then let us import all things from Outlook… I started with my address box few seconds and all my contacts was their… ok let us move to hardest part my emails.. imagine all my emails since 1997 on my outlook even the sent one :-).. I started the process and left it for around 10 mins.. and back…Wooow all my mails are their even the arabic one.. i set all my accounts and when Thunderbird asked me if you want me your default mail client, I press Yes and checked the box for not showing this again 😉

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