Using ADF with WIA (VB.Net)

While I am working on Capturesco as a scanning/Capturing tool for Alfresco by using WIA, I faced a problem using ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) to scan images. I did some googling on the Internet until I found this article ADF using WIA, the article was for C#, I converted to VB.Net and did some modifications on the code to make it work.

The code will detect if there is a pages on the feeder if not, it will stop scanning, the code need some modifications to add multipages supports, for now all images will be saved as tiff on the C drive.

You can get the Scanning Code from Here

7 thoughts on “Using ADF with WIA (VB.Net)”

  1. I just wanted to say that this article helped me out a whole lot, and I have looked at quite a few of them on Google. I know it’s like 2 years old almost, but just wanted to say thanks.

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  3. Check the drivers or maybe you need to change the scanning library in the code.
    I didn’t test my code with Brother Scanners.

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