The Best of 2007

we are almost at the end of 2007 taking it is last breathe. For me, 2007 was one of the best year. I call it years of surprises and doing things very fast without alots arrangement; I traveled to different places, meeting new people, moving to different job positions…etc. Now, What is the best things that I liked this years?!!

The Best Month is August
The Best Day is Monday
The Best Movie is Pirates of the Carabian 3
The Best English Song: A Song for You (Celine Dion)
The Best Arabic Song is: Bel 2alb 5alleni (Majedah Elroumi)
The Best Album is Taking Chances
The Best Live Music Concert is Fairuz Play Sa7 Elnoom
The Best Product I purchased online is The Kitchen Cookware Set
The Best Technology is iPhone
The Best promising Technology for 2008 is: Firefox 3.0
The Best Restaurant in Amman winner is: Noddle House
The Best coffee Shop is: Starbucks
The Best tourism place is Egypt National Museum
The Best DVD is: A new day.. live in Vegas (Celine Dion)

3 thoughts on “The Best of 2007”

  1. You forget to mention who is the best friend in this year, best operating sysem, best software…. 😉

  2. ya 3an jad ya sayed rami u forget to mention the best friend>>>>anyway dont mention me as best friend coz ana za3lan menaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

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