Capturesco 2.0 Beta 1 Released


Capturesco 2.0 Beta 1, just released. It has lots of changes and tweaks on the scanning module.

  • The project now is built using Visual Studio 2008
  • All codes are now written in C#
  • Adding TWAIN supports for Scanners
  • Scanning can be made through Capturesco or native scanner TWAIN driver
  • New enhanaced interface showing the steps.
  • Better supports for ADF
  • Users can now choose to save the multi pages scanning on a single file or multiple files
  • Lots of code cleaning
  • New logo for the Capturesco 🙂

Don’t forget to register WIA if you are planning to capture images through camera

To download it go to Capturesco Page on Alfresco Forge, if  you need any help leave a comment…

Any supports will be appreciated

7 thoughts on “Capturesco 2.0 Beta 1 Released”

  1. hey,
    I’m trying to use WIA 2.0 to scan multiple pages via web page, I can select my scanner but I can only scan one page only and I can’t use ADF. any idea?
    thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Hi Ahmad,
    Thanx for passing by, I don’t recommend to use WIA 2.0 for scanning using ADF, because as mentioned on MS website that this API doesn’t supports ADF and actually It is hard to manage it because you have to connect and disconnect to the scanner… you can try TWAIN instead I used it on the last version of capturesco 2.0 beta much better..
    Hope this can help you

  3. Thanks for you valuable information, I’ll try to manage WIA 2.0 if I couldn’t do anything for next two days then I’ll use TWAIN. Thanks man and I want to know if you have any example of using TWAIN via website?

  4. Hi Ahmad,
    For TWAIN over a website I didn’t try it I only try it on a windows form application… but it should work the same

  5. Hi,

    i am new bee to .Net can please tell me in which file i have to put the ip address of My alresco Server. as i have installed Alresco lab 3.2 on Redhat Linux and we want to test your application. i have replaced “localhost” with my ip Address in entire project but it is not allowed me re build entire project.


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