Free Scanning tool for Alfresco

Are you looking for a free scanning tool for Aflresco, you should try the new Capturesco version 2.0, open source built based on open source projects, no need to any licenses. Built with .Net framework 3.5 using C#. Can capture documents from any scanner with a TWAIN driver using ADF or flatbed by using the Native TWAIN User Interface or direct scanning. All documents can be saved as jpg, gif or Tiff also support single or multipage documents. The tool is still in development stages and testing. Feel free to add your comments and if you have any troubles just contact me and I will try to reply to you soon. Capturesco is a good start point for the developers who’s looking to develop their own customized scanning utility.

You can download Alfresco Scanning tool (Capturesco) from here.

Thank you for your interest and your support.

15 thoughts on “Free Scanning tool for Alfresco”

  1. Can you tell me where to put IP Address means in which files. we have installed Alfresco Lab 3.2 on redhat linux.


  2. Thanks for passing by, you need to open the project with VS 2008 with C# and modify the web service references of the project to read your alfresco installation and make sure before that to check that you can connect to the Alfresco web services

  3. thanks for your reply.

    i have tried it by configuring it on localhost.

    Can we access site’s Document library using this ? if yes can you guide me how ?? i need to put scanned document in to site’s document library.

  4. yes you can, the idea is to scan and save the scanned document to your document library.
    If you don’t wanna wait till I release the documentation, I will give you quick guide,
    Once you run the application you will be asked to enter your Alfresco user name and password, once you logged in.. select your source (i.e. scanner) select file format, then if u wanna scan directly or using TWAIN UI, and there should a be a tree (your document library should be mapped to it) select a folder then click scan.. that’s all

  5. hi,
    thnkas for reply. same thing i have done but it is not showing the document library in the tree. IN tree not sites & it spaces are mapped i want sites to be mapped and under site it will show the document library.

  6. Rami, I got your Capturesco 2.0 source, but when I tried run it, I can’t add reference to AccessControlWebService. I don’t know if is the WSDL file that I am using that is different, because all the others are working. So, I’d like to know if did you tried your software in the last version of Alfresco (3.2r) ? If yes, is there any file to replace or modify ? Tks

  7. Hello,
    I have windows 7, and alfresco 3.0 labs installed, also, I install and .NET framework 3.5, and WSE 3.0
    I copy all what get from your site, on c:\Alfresco, when try to run Capturesco 2.0.exe which I can found in folder TWAINCapture\bin\Release, I get login window.
    When enter username and password, Capturesco put some strange error, and shutdown.
    I can send you print screen of that error.
    Please, answer me quickly.


  8. Hi,

    WSE3 and .Net Framework are installed.

    Authentication failed while providing either the Alfresco admin credentials, or a standard Alfresco user….
    (invalid login/password)

    How could I solve this, or bypass this step please… so frustrated at this time..

    please help meeeee!

  9. I don’t know what is wrong with your installation, did you tries to login to Alfresco using the regular Alfresco login page? Because it should be working without any trouble.

  10. Hi,
    Thanks for your last reply…

    Everything is working fine since I registered the WIA dll 🙂

    Anyway, when recompiling the solution after changing host server’s IP address, I meet this issue on Alfresco.WebServiceFactory every time addSecurityHeader() is called :

    Error ‘Alfresco.WebServiceFactory.addSecurityHeader(Microsoft.Web.Services3.WebServicesClientProtocol)’ not valid arguments

    Any Idea ?

  11. Hi

    i ran your scan project in c# (wia) , when i tested flatbed worked well, but when checked useADF, pulled all the pages from ADF but only showed one and didn’t save anything, what is wrong? Can you help with this problem?

    Thanks in advance

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