My Laptop reborn

Let me put things together, Ubuntu is becoming my love and obsession and everything, yesterday i received the Ubuntu 7.1 CD and decide to run it Live from the CD. The last version that I used was 6.06. My laptop is HP Pavilion 1000 (4 years old 🙂 ) 1.6 Centrino, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB HD and 64 MB graphic card. Imagine if I want to install Vista on this laptop what will happened?!! I inserted the CD waiting Ubuntu to load. after few minutes I got the desktop. What I noticed that all my Hardware are recognized from the Sound Card to the wireless card and bluetooth adapter. Another thing is Ubuntu gave me the status of my Laptop battery saying the battery efficiency is 18% only because it is 4 years old 🙂 and this never happened on Windows XP. I connected to my wireless network. Start using Firefox and browse the net, then I decide to go further with my test to enabled the improved graphics see what will happened and how my laptop gonna response. Few clicks and it is On.. Then the WOW is starting everything is running smoothly with all visibility and effects (Remembered that I am running Ubuntu from the CD not installed). I tried to enabled the more effects but couldn't because the Ubuntu it is not installed. The Ubuntu turned my old 4 years laptop to a brand new Laptop with the latest technology and visual effects without affecting the performance. I guess sooner I will say goodbye to Windows XP and live with my new/old Love Ubuntu 

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