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A regular person from planet earth lived in different places, KSA, Palestine, and finally Jordan and now in Netherlands. Finished school as Chemical Engineer but never worked with it and I have a master degree in information technology management. I worked in different position as I lived in different countries. I worked as a software developer, Database administrator, a ECM and workflow consultant and the last 10 years is ERP systems and BI tools. These days I am interested more in open source and 100% organic software as I am trying to make all my life Organic… I love music specially classical one, I like Yoga and practice it almost everyday and I enjoy running too. I speak Arabic, English and French.

This is me in few words…. if you want to know more.. Visit my blog regularly, read and contribute.

7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi
    I am working on a concept for Meizu Android phone.Looking for someone who want’s to work on the concept together with me. One of the idea’s is to fully get Arabic on the phone.
    Jose miguel

  2. Hi Jose,
    Sorry for being late to reply and thank you for considering me in your project. You can contact @aalsanad on twitter he is doing the Arabic support for Android now.. I am more in Mozilla activities these days

  3. operator toll free ,Does not
    answer the call for three days.920027447

  4. Dear Rami,
    My name is Ali, a Software Developer from Libya. I’m really glad to share with you your thoughts and interests in Open Source; especially Arabization of leading open source projects such as Alfresco and Odoo.

    Ali Mohamed

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