You can find all information about Capturesco (Alfresco Scanning tool) on this page.. starting from the current release guides, to future plan for this capturing tool… Feel free to contribute and add your comments.

What’s going on?

Currently I’m working in new release of Capturesco, before my plan was to move to 1.5 then to version 2.0 but then decide to change my mind and take more time and move directly to version 2.0 which will include

  • Moving to TWAIN driver instead of using WIA driver
  • Better ADF support and wide range of scanner supports (local and network)
  • New enhanced interface with multi-language supports (English, French and Arabic)
  • More detailed documentation for developers

Currently on my Caputuresco still didn’t target the end user directly, so until now I am not planning to release a setup version for it because I want to concentrate more on the software itself.

My target release date will be before 25 of December

If you have any comments feel free to add them.


The new Capturesco 2.0 1st images with the new logo, what do you think?

Main screen

aboutUPDATE 2:

Capturesco 2.0 RC 1 is released below is the change log

  • Fix scanning multi images on same space error using a scanner
  • Display message box when upload is done
  • Dispaly error message if no space was selected
  • fixing some internal errors
  • Tweak the interface
  • Fixing uploading the scanned image from the scanner to Alfresco Space
  • fixing some logical interface errors

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