Very Weired…

Did you know that there is a day called Pi day (3.14), yes it is 14/3 from each year… All Nerds around the world celebrate this day… Is not weired?!!! I don’t what more days of celebrations are exist on this world… Who knows may be after a few years we celebrate also in Jordan with Pi day 😉

If it is not MS it will be bad

On last talk to Mr. Gates, he was commenting on the $100 laptop project supported by Google and MIT. He said who wanna a $100 laptop with only 1 GB size for storage and if you don’t have power source you can charge it via crank.. He said everyone need a large space to store their files on their Hard disk and he said he is seeing the future on UMPC (ultra mobile PC) – Lately announced by MS 🙂 with price around $600 – Because it is not running MS product and Google behind it, it will not work and not worthy… I guess MS will fail on UMPC as it fails with the Tablet Pc before…

Back to Normal

During the last 2 days I was working on fixing my blog from some errors on posting building front page and the major thing is the archiving pages.. Many thanks to the support forum which is a nice place to find alot of help their to maintain your blog stable and spam free…

New Design

FInally I choosed the new design for Spring, it is comming after few days, it means alot for me.. My second favoraite season after Winter… You can notice it on the street speacially from almonde tree and the green land everywhere… Hope this Spring will be warm and I hope to have time for enjoying it

Comment Spammers

I don’t know if you are noticed that my website was under attack from comment spammers, I hate spam as every body… Yesterday I tried to find away to protect my blog from these kind of spams. I am using now a plug-in to help me to protect my blog, hope this will do the job…

Ohhh God…

For the first time I didn’t know what is it, but after I red the whole story I discovered what am looking for. It is a new type of Sellfish it is blind and it is new dicovered specious, I guess there are alot of living things on this planet it is not discovered until now.

GDrive is it for real?!!!

Have you ever dreamed to have “unlimited” space to save your files and access them from any where!!!! May be this dream will become true, if the GDrive will see the light… There are rumers based on Presentation that shows Google is working to give the users ability to save their files online without limitition on the space… I don’t how many users will use this but i guess i will be one of them… untill this dream comes true, the Yahoo brief case is good choice for me.

New Visitors

Before one month I wrote an article to show my website statistics for 1st time, today I will also show the new one..
IE Usage: 68.35%
Firefox: 30.5% (increase around 1.5%)
Windows XP account for 89.8%
Jordan: 79.59%
USA: 6.42%
There was 290 visitors, 25/2 with highest visitors 32 and 19/2 with the lowest 2 visitors