What’s keep me busy?

My last post was about one month away, and now i am back to write again. The previous month was very busy one… lots of work that keep me busy all time.. But that didn’t stop me to follow up on news and other staff… My eyes going to the next week Amazon announcement (Monday) I guess they gonna reveal the number of sold kindle until now and may be new kindle… Honestly I don’t care about the new upgrade of kindle as much I care of opening the device to other countries so I can get one :)…  I am looking to Tuesday also for Rain, they said there will be heavy rain on that day. I am moving on with my Yoga and became more flexable… I will move to the advanced level at the end of this month. I am preparing a step-by-step guide for integrate Obreon Forms with Alfresco hope to finish it soon..

Zain and Me

I could not hold myself and wait tell I get back to home and write about it. I love the customer service here in our area espcailly when the company become big and have lots of customers. Today I was checking my bill for the mobile phone and i was shocked that they charge me 25 JD  for Internet usage, but I am already subsribed to the one of data plan??!!!! I called the customer service and told them the story, he told me that I canceled my data plan subscribtions before one month, but actually I didn’t last month I just increase the sms plan that’s it, he told me I can’t do anything for you and this is what our system tell us. I finished the call, go to my iPhone and turned the EDGE off, and I conclude when the guy increase my sms subsriptions he removed the Data plan and now i should pay for his mistake… I will stop ue the Internet on my phone until a good plans or service be availabe on the market and I don’t see it on the near future

Loctite 495

I don’t know why people hate my car, after I waked up early morning to go to my work I was shocked that my right mirror was broken 🙁

I called the dealer and he said that I must pay 170 JD ($220) for a new one. I called my brother and he suggested to me to use a good glue and told me about it is Loctite 495. I bought it online and today I got it.

The color and smell is like the cheap super glue, the effect is much much more… I tried today and my Mirror return as if it was never broken, and I as my brother said to me you can glue a horse on the wall with it 🙂 So I fixed my car with only 14 JD ($20) and I still have alot of glues if you need something to fix 😉


My own Greek Salad

Greek Salad

To make the above Greek Salad you need

  1. 1 or 2 medium Tomatoes -Cut into wedges
  2. 2 medium Cucumber – Sliced into rings
  3. Black Olive _ Sliced into rings (add as many as you want)
  4. punch of Rocket leaves – Cut into large leafs
  5. 2 leafs Romanian Lettuce – Cut into large
  6. Feta Cheese – Cut into small cubes (As many as you want
  7. pinch of Sugar, salt, black pepper
  8. 1 teaspoon Apple Vinegar
  9. 1 tablespoon Virgin Olive Oil
  10. 2 tablespoon water

Put all vegetables on deep bowl and mix them together. Bring a cup, add Vinegar, Olive oil, sugar, salt and black pepper, mix them together, until they become one solution, then add water, also mix them together until the water mixed with everything. Add the dressing to the salad and mix.. Finally add the feta cheese on the top… wait for few minutes until the vegetables are taking the dressing…then eat 🙂

Bon appetite

Am Back

After long long absence,  lots of work to do and tasks to be done, I return to my  blog with lots of things on my mind. 1st of all as you see i fully changed the website software, later i will write how I did the migrations. Also I choose a simple design and fast so it will not take long time for loading… Anyway i hope my plans will work and I have sometimes for my website.