iSystem first look

If you don’t know what is the iSystem, it is an Apple Center in Amman, yes finally we have one here. Yesterday I made a visit their before the opening (FYI: 4/3/2006). I like the way how they advertise the store, 1st on the street, you find flags on front of the building with the name of the store, when you go down on the stairs, you will discover about 280 square meter store full of Apple products starting with iPod around (1500) and latest iPod accessories with resonable prices yes… honestly I was thinking to buy these acccessories from the internet but when I saw the store I changed my mind. The Mac mini also was their, JBL sound system and the way they show the products are great… I guess tomorrow I will be their on the opening to write more details about it, this is just my 1st impression 😉

Selene is back…

After two years of releasing the 1st part of underworld, the underworld Evolution now on Cinemas. I have to admited, the 2nd part is more more bloody than part one, ther are alot of bloody scene.. the story continue from where the 1st part is stopped with alot of explinations why Vector killed Selene family and why there are wars between families.
It is good not bad, but honestly I like the 1st part more, but if you like to see a full action movie, go you will love it 🙂