Hussssssssssh, Don’t tell any one

Far away, they said two opinions are better than one, but
these days I guess it is not! Why?! My troubles begun when I am start thinking
to get a new car; my knowledge in car is like my knowledge in Urdu. I love
small car like Peugeot 206, Citroen C3, etc… so I check the dealer here in
Amman and I look for used one, people around me said “C’mon it is small car and
very expensive, these cars have a lot of problems, get Korean cars are cheaper”
others said “Stay away from Korean cars, they are very brittle get Japanese cars”
and another “Why you don’t think of Opel or BMW or Mercedes cars the best ever
others are not good “… bla bla bla.. At the end I get a conclusion that is all cars
are not good, they have problems, and brittles consume fuel, and after a while
you need to send them to the garage. So trust me get whatever you want, because if
you listen to others you will not get a car.