Playing FLV files in VB .Net

To play FLV files for SWF files in a windows application  you have to:

  1. Downloaded Flash player
  2. Added Com object (Macromedia Flash Factory Object) into the VB .Net Toolbox
  3. Drag and drop Com object onto a form
  4. download JW FLV Media Player from here
  5. load the “player.swf” file and send to it the parameters like the video name, etc… here you can find the parameter list

I put the below code on the load form event as an example

Dim swftoload As String
swftoload = “c:\player.swf?file=video.flv&autostart=true&logo=logo.PNG&smoothing=true”
AxShockwaveFlash1.LoadMovie(0, swftoload)

Enjoy playing flv files within your application or create you own FLV Player

Protect your flash from download and leeching

After long long search and a long battle with Real Player plugin I found away to “Protect flash video from being download” actually it is not a direct way to protect it but at least it make harder to novice users to leech your files. The idea came from this website, I just took the code I did little modifications and put it on the website and it worked. The idea is to start the video when the mouse cursor move over the video and stop when it goes out so you can stop the Real Player 11 plugin from working, put your video on a small window to prevent the source code viewing and voila… Your flash is protected not 100% but at least 80%. You can download a working example from flash protection…. Don’t leech or take other efforts..