Mind + Soul + Body

After winter, people starts to clean their houses, get rid of the cloths or stuff that they don’t need anymore. Windows are open to let the new fresh spring breeze to enter the house and replace the cold humid one. Fasting is my “Spring cleaning” of my body, mind and soul. Every year, I feel how my soul is elevated, how’s my body is taking a rest during the day and start focusing in cleaning itself. My mind become more clear, my energy level increase specially my mental power. This is year I wanted to add another layer on top of that, I wanted to try yoga while I am fasting. I doubted myself how far I can go, I was expecting myself after the fist class to stop and take break until I finish the month because I will not be able to do it. However, I had completely different experience! It added to my peace of mind, it helps me to recognized my body more and pushed its boundaries. After every class, I came back home, I don’t feel like doing anything, just breaking my fast, and enjoy the peaceful moment inside my head and my body. Yoga gave my fasting a boost, it is like the finial touches to my body and my mind. Now the equation is completed and both side of it is on balance: Mind + Soul + Body = Me!

To Let go…

Everyday we resisting and fighting, our muscles are tense all the time to pull ourselves away. We are not giving up or surrender to it. The only time that we giving up to it while we are sleeping because we are not in control anymore.

Gravity keeps pulling us down but we resist that all the time. With my new yoga experience, when my teacher says “Surrender to gravity”‘; it was difficult at the beginning to do so. My mind trick me, for a moment it give me the feeling that all my muscles surrendered but I found my face muscles are not yet. My mind is not easily giving up, even if it plays trick on his owner. I had to force my mind to let go, to surrender, and experience the feelings of having my muscles melted down from my bones. The feeling for losing the awareness of your body parts. The feeling that your soul or mind is not limited to this physical body but it is part of bigger things that surround us and we don’t pay attention to. I feel that I am sleep however I am still awake!

When my awareness start to surface again, and I started to feel my body parts again, I feel that all the noises and voices inside my head are quite. It is like a city in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping and its streets are empty. As if all these noises went down or discharged into earth and left my body!

Surrender to gravity makes me feels as if my body became part of the earth and the only living part of me is my mind!

Being Different

Everyone in the world agrees that we are different, brothers raised in the same family and under the same roof are different, twin that grow up on the same time in the same womb are different. Two tress are different even if they are coming from the same fruit’s seeds.

With my new yoga experience I learned that there are even differences in the same body! For example, my left leg is different than the right one, my right shoulder is different than the left one! How much I can do with my right arm is different than the left one! But with all these differences they shape one body that live in peace, they work together in harmony to help doing everything I ask. I never saw my left foot refuse to work with my right one because it has different size or less flexibility. I never felt that my right eyes asking my left one to leave my body because is less stronger. On the opposite, if my left eye is less stronger, my right one will do more effort to cover this gap. When my left leg get tired my body lean to my stronger right leg to give more support. They work as a whole to make me what I am now.

I wonder why people in our society don’t look into themselves and learn from their bodies that being different is not something bad. It is part of the beauty of our life and with our differences we fill the gaps between each others. We can live in peace and harmony, we can support each other in one society even if we are different exactly like my left leg support the different right leg in the same body!

Yoga – A new experience

When I started  Yoga exercises five years ago, I wanted to bring balance to my life because I know that yoga is all about balance. Gym and weight lifting is not something for me. I feel that I have more connection with yoga. Since I start practicing I understood my body more and I started to listen to it more.

Now, I am having different experience guided by a teacher.  I started to see Yoga in different dimension I didn’t see it before. Yoga is about balance but also about to do what your body allow you do in the moment and slowly let it expand naturally and with a flow. It feels natural because it connects your with your body rhythm through your breath. It sync your movement with your natural body rhythm to bring you to a next level of harmony.

I will keep exploring more about my new Yoga experience and I am looking forward to see where this time it is going to take me.

شو تعلمت من الركض؟

كمان تقريبا عشر ايام بصير لي عايش بهولندا خمس سنين، هالخمس سنين ضافوا كتير شغلات الي وفتحوا عيوني على ثقافات وعادات كتيرة منها المنيح ومنها المش منيح (طبعا برأي). أول ما وصلت على هولندا لفت نظري شغلات كتيرة منها  قديش الناس بتطلع تركض في النهار او في الليل كبار او صغار في السن ما في عمر معين.  وكنت مرات اوقف على الشباك والدنيا تكون مطر واشوف واحد او واحدة بركض تحت المطر، احكي لنفسي شو صاير بالدنيا عشان اطلع اركض تحت المطر؟ يعني لو وقفت يوم شو راح يصير؟ ما راح أموت؟ حطيت محكمة وحاكمت هاي الناس.

من شهرين قررت اطلع اركض والتزمت اني كل اسبوع اركض 3 مرات لنص ساعة. طبعا شعور حلو كتير خصوصا بعد تعب يوم أو تبدأ فيه يومك. إمبارح كانت الدنيا مطر والثلاثاء احد الايام اللي بطلع أركض فيها، روحت على البيت لبست اواعي الركض وطلعت أركض تحت المطر. وأنا بركض اتزكرت حالي وأنا بحكي عن الناس اللي بتركض تحت المطر “مجانين” هلا انا صرت مجنون زيهم. فهمت ليش بركضوا بغض النظر كيف كان الجو. والشعور وانت بتركض تحت المطر أجمل بكتير من غير مطر.

عرفت انه مرات بنعمل محاكمة لغيرنا وبنحاكمهم على شي بيعملوا احنا مش متعودين نعمله وبس نكون في مكانهم وبنفس الظروف احتمال نعمل نفس الشي. اتعلمت انه مش لازم أحاكم حد بغض النظر بشو مختلفين وعشان اقدر افهمه لازم اكون في مكانه واحط حالي بنفس الظروف اللي هو فيها قبل ما اصدر عليه حكمي.